As a facility, you have a fiduciary duty to offer your tenants, vendors, patients and the public the best working environment at an effective cost without sacrificing quality of service. We would like to relate to you the quality of cleaning & additional services that you are missing out on by not utilizing our service. We do not only provide the cleanliness you desire in your office building, but also the reliability, trust, and thoughtfulness you expect from your employees.
Our janitorial services are supervised, and all work is provided in a professional manner.  Our only objective is to please you with the excellence of our services. We do more for you, than what is expected of a typical cleaning company. Unlike other companies who look great during the first few months and slowly but surely as their comfort level increases their level of service decreases.
TNT on a monthly basis, during the life of the contract, provides monthly report cards.  These reports raise the client’s awareness as well as TNT’s to the constant quality of work, this way no comfort level is ever reached and no corners are ever cut.
TNT Office Cleaning provides the most complete office cleaning service available. Once a company accepts our proposal, they are more than pleased with our performance. We would like to add your office to our family of satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on our reputation of being the most complete cleaning company with the most competitive prices.  We guarantee an approach to this business, a level of attention, service and professionalism that cannot be matched by the Goliaths’ of the industry.  To the largest companies you are expendable, nothing but a number.  Corners are cut to meet the standards but quality of workmanship is compromised.
Larger companies pride themselves with their amount of clientele to keep their quotas high and their stock price higher, but forgo the attention and individual care that is demanded by their clients.

Smaller companies  pride themselves on being personable and hands-on but only for the small offices with light traffic.  Their economic deficiencies, lack of staffing and equipment prevents them from providing quality work.
We pride ourselves in being a company that provides “mom and pop” service at competitive prices.  We understand that competition breads performance and we relish the burden of achieving ultimate success – YOUR APPROVAL.
TNT has the staffing, expertise and understanding required to meet all of your janitorial service needs in demanding high traffic environments. You can have confidence that day in and day out, TNT’s janitorial service best practices will please your employees and patients while making your business shine.