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It’s imperative to us that you understand as consumers the disparity between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Cleaning concerns removing germs from a surface but does not kill them. Sanitizing reduces germs on surfaces to a safe level to help decrease the risks of spreading infection. The act of sanitizing is most thoroughly done through high heat or by using a sanitizing product. We offer home, office and restaurants sanitizing services in NY at affordable rates. Disinfecting means we are eliminating the germs. The process of disinfecting does not leave a surface clean or remove bacteria which is why cleaning should be done first. In the above tab is the unique process that separates our services from the competition.

We Specialize in Janitorial Services, Deep Office/Home Cleaning, Virus and Bacteria Disinfecting, Eliminate & Remove Black Mold, Floor Care, Pressure Washing & much more!