"As a Dr. my staff and I are very satisfied customers and have been for over 6 years. TNT always keeps our offices clean and are willing to accommodate special requests. I am glad I have a company I can trust and will do the same quality work each cleaning. I would like to recommend TNT to you for your cleaning needs. Island Endodontics has employed this company since September 2014. During that time,TNT has done an excellent job and can be praised for their:
-Enhanced cleaning
-Attention to detail
-Outstanding Customer Service
-Commitment to delivering excellent service
-Use of green cleaning products
With our prior cleaning group, we had to go through our facility every day to determine which areas of or offices were not properly cleaned and then clean what was missed. We have never faced these issues with TNT. I feel certain you will be as satisfied with their cleaning service as we have been. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have."
-Dr. Shawn Garrett Pobiner, Island Endodontics

"I am delighted to recommend TNT Cleaning Company to you for any of your cleaning needs. Dafnonas Management has been working with this company since April 2010. During this time TNT Cleaning Company has done an excellent job of bringing our buildings back to a high level of cleanliness. The company has great skills that include attention to detail, consistency, superior cleaning, wonderful customer service, professionalism, dedication to their clients, all with using green cleaning products. Our experience with cleaning companies was to say the least horrible.Our buildings never seemed clean daily and we believed that we ended up doing more cleaning than our company. We have been fortunate to have never experienced the uncleanliness feeling with TNT. Your recent field service was pleasant to work with, especially given the circumstances and work load they are under to assist a myriad of businesses within our buildings and easing their COVID-19 concerns. I feel confident you will be satisfied with TNT Cleaning Company’s service as we have been."
-Nikolaos Leonardos, Managing Director, Dafnonas Management

"TNT Cleaning Corp. has been employed by A&F Holdings of NY for approximately 12 years. We have had numerous other cleaning services that we have been less than satisfied with prior to employing them. Since TNT has taken over our cleaning services, we have had excellent service and cleaning standards that have been unmatched by prior cleaning services.It is my honor to recommend TNT Cleaning for your consideration especially if you have been unsatisfied with your present service. I recommend them with the upmost confidence."
-James Dolan, A&F Managing Director